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Audio & Web Conferencing


Audio and Web Conferencing


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Zip Conferencing is a quick and easy way to make large conference calls, both from your office desk or whilst on the move. Zip offer HD audio quality conference calls with a toll-free connection and reasonably priced pay-as-you-go tariffs, so you can easily monitor the amount you’re spending from one month to the next.

The web conferencing service is extremely easy to use, with no PIN needed and full Outlook integration to simplify the process by linking up to your calendar and schedule. The Zip system can then call you back or you can manually dial in when you’re ready to start your next online meeting.

Zip Conferencing allows you to invite up to 300 people to participate in a live call, and you have full control over who joins the conversation and the power to mute or dial out participants when you need to. There’s no need to download any software and you can quickly kick start online meetings with the press of a button, with the ability to share large documents and video if you need to.

For ease of use there are also desktop and mobile apps available, which allow you to keep the conversation going even when you’re on the move. With the handy app you can check who has joined the meeting, start a new meeting or access an ongoing call from anywhere.

Zip Conferencing is very competitively priced for the level of service you receive, with a neat pay-as-you-go system which helps you keep a close eye on your budget. It’s easy to get started with a cheap monthly plan which you can review or cancel from month to month, without being roped into a long-term contract.


Rating & Reviews

3/5 from 2 Reviews*

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PAYG to $29

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