Family conference calls. That’s right, it’s not just for business.

With Christmas now behind us, not all families got to spend it together, so many turned to ‘quick’ calls to loved ones, and even quicker when it came to calling those abroad. We mention ‘quick’ of course, because the price of calling internationally, granted changes per country, but typically way more substantial than the typical local call rate you’re use to.

For example, these are typical costs across the board, but here’s BT pricing as of 14 January, 2020:


Meanwhile, if you’re making the call from a mobile phone, here’s the typical pricing you’ll see. We’ve taken the pricing from O2 in this example:


So, while a landline is still cheaper, mobile calls are astronomically higher.


The alternative to cheaper international calls with friends and families

Let’s face it, HM the Queen is well in to her OAP years, so should she really be forking out up to £2 per minute, if for example, she wants to call Harry & Meghan in Canada while on the Royal Throne? Heaven forbid. No one should need to pay those prices.

Now, of course, there’s always the phone provider that usually offers a deal on inclusive minutes for international calls, but that’s not very conclusive for the others wanting to join the call… besides, it only works as a 2-way convo with 2 parties involved. That’s why you need conference calling.

With a conference call service, you can host international calls, with local dial-in numbers for all parties involved, so even if you have a family member in France, Russia, China and the US, you can connect all of those on one call, all dialling in with local phone numbers, bringing the overall costs down by the cost of a small house.

Take a look at our top conference call providers directory and have one to hand for when the need comes.