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We recently wrote an article about the different forms of communication utilised by businesses and how sometimes, these can be used inappropriately. What we’ve yet to write about, is the full extent of the benefits of teleconferencing for your business.

Look, conference calling isn’t for everyone. If your business is local, where your clients also live, then get out of the office and visit them. However, for most business set ups, from small, medium and enterprise businesses, if your reach is further than your local area, the benefits of keeping in contact verbally is far superior than other methods.

Office Based Teams

If you have an office based team that need to communicate with the greater outside world, have you noticed how they constantly prefer to email and use instant messaging services, rather than pick up a phone? Drives you crazy, right?

Office based teams are like running water, they’ll always find the path of least resistance. And in this case, it’s much easier to bang out an email without a second thought, rather than pick up a phone and have an ACTUAL TWO WAY CONVERSATION!

Add teleconferencing to the communications process and stop laziness from becoming a hindrance to your business growth.

Of course, teleconferencing isn’t ideal in every scenario, but when a 2-way conversation is required, pick up the phone – don’t leave it to a volley of emails back and forth!

On The Road Sales Teams

If you have a sales team that’s on the road, costs can quickly pick up; costs of travel, employees burning out through travel and chasing after cold leads. Conference calling can be a great pre-meeting warm up, a day or two before the meeting. Don’t use it in this circumstance to put ‘meat on the bone’ or thrash anything out, but to just reiterate how pleased you are to meet on date/time and location (also works as a good reminder to third party) and also just to recap on the agenda and/or get an idea of any concerns or questions, prior to arriving at meeting.

Chain Supermarkets/Retail Stores

Last week, I watched a documentary about the retail chain Poundstretchers and how they’re on the brink of closure, but ex-boss of Poundland joins the team to reinvigorate the retail teams, country wide.

What I did notice is that he never seemed to pick up the phone to any of them and preferred face to face. I’m sorry, but as a director of a business, is this a good use of time? Sure, introducing yourself with a face to face is a good idea, but is it really needed when it comes to monthly updates? It could mean that those stores that are first visited get an upper hand over the stores that may need to wait numerous weeks until their visit – and probably to receive the same information.

Instead of meeting face to face to say “could do better”, teleconferencing gives the ability to the ex-director of Poundland to categories the stores and then put those stores in the same category (by issues, for example), so that the same message could be reiterated to those in same category. That is the proverbial two birds with one stone.


What are you waiting for? Start making a difference to your bottom line and sign up to a teleconferencing service provider. It can be done online and only takes a few moments. However, remember to keep an eye on certain pitfall issues that can occur. Need some help finding a conference call providers? Click here and find one that meets your business requirements.