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We know that we sales teams, once of the most frustrating moments in the sales cycle can be when a potential customer goes some being ‘all ears’ and sounding really positive, to slowly degrading as a lead, by slowly not returning your calls, or emails and then going completely off the radar, or as we like to say, ‘ghosting’.

Of course, you should probably count your blessings at that point. Perhaps they were not that in to you or your product after all. Perhaps, they were just giving you what you wanted to hear, as it’s easier than saying no. Let’s face it, sales teams can be a bit too pushy at times, which fogs their judgement.

However, if you’ve now set a date for a meeting, you’ve probably got a proper feel for how the client truly feels about your product or service, due to how previous conversations have gone (wait, you’ve not been leaving it to email, have you?).

Unfortunately, the dreaded email can come through the day before a face to face, or even the same day of meeting, asking for a cancellation. Uh-oh, is this a potential customer now about to start the ghosting process, or, have they in fact got a genuine issue that has arisen that they need to attend, rather than your meeting.

Now is the time to weigh up if there’s a genuine show stopper, or has the ghosting process began? If the potential customer is nearby, of course, rearranging for another date and time is now big deal. However, if this is just one potential customer out of a dozen that your sales team need to visit, it’s perhaps better to ensure you have a backup plan in place.

This extra option will perhaps help you understand if the potential customer is genuinely interested and willing to do anything to have a conversation, or, if they bat you away with this second option, you may want to reconsider how ‘hot’ this lead really is.

A simple conference call gives you the ability to have that two-way conversation. If they’ve been open to have a conference call instead of the face to face, maybe not all is lost after all. And, let’s face it – a conference call is way more convenient, than the inconvenience of a sales person travelling large distances, to then be disappointed.

Add teleconferencing to your arsenal of tools at your disposal to counteract tricky communicative situations. Find a conference call provider based on your business requirements, now.