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We have a lot to thank Facebook for when it comes to privacy. It has caused a deluge of law makers worldwide jumping on the privacy concerns bandwagon and creating policies on a country, continent and even state level now. Imagine being that international business now that needs to please all these policy makers, all at the same time, while cutting through internal red tape and left confused with policies that are not absolutely clear on what’s required. Nightmare.

This is where we find ourselves today. GDPR seems to be in a state of forgiveness and leeway for the time being while frameworks are created and improved upon, more are popping up, like the state of California, bringing out their very own privacy bill.

Of course, as a head of IT/infrastructure/data security, right now, you probably feel like you’re head is on the block more so than ever before and while you may have your own ship, ship shape, what about third parties service providers you use? Wait, is that conference call provider GDPR compliant that you use? Ooops!

There are many businesses out there, especially if they are a SaaP (Service as a Platform), many are washing their hands of European customers and revenue to purely keep their own processes nice and slick. That’s right – there’s companies out there that would rather bin their European customers and miss out on revenue than deal with GDPR!

Unfortunately for you, you are needing to keep GDPR compliant, so what are you going to do about your conference call service provider?

Use our online questionnaire¬† and we’ll recommend you, straight away, without needing your details, which conference call service provider is best for your business requirements – including being GDPR compliant!