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If you’re one of those CEOs or senior managers that can’t take a break and switch off, then this Christmas is a good a time as any to break that habit. It doesn’t matter if you love or hate your job, being a Christmas Grinch isn’t the way to take a break this Xmas and it’s well documented how this will drain you long term, physically and mentally.

But hold up, “you’re about to tell me about the miracles of conference calling while on holiday?” Why yes, yes we are!

It’s about breaking habits and creating routine

Habits can be formed way too easily these days – especially the ones that drain our time, thanks predominately to the surge in smart phone tech – the very thing that puts so many forms of communication in our hands is also the vampire of time sucking. How many times do you check your phone on a daily basis? Well, the average person picks up their phone and checks it every 12 minutes @ 80 times a day! EIGHTY! Can you remember why you picked up your phone the past 80 times? Was even half these pick ups important? No is the answer.

“But wait, you’re know telling us to add conference calling to the ever growing list of communication apps we use via our phones?”

Yes! Well, kind of. In fact, what we are saying it; forget everything else while on holiday and rely on conference calls only! Here’s how to do it.

  1. Turn off all notifications
  2. Silence any email notification buzzing
  3. Delete non-essential apps (you can always download again after Xmas!)
  4. Messenger services; Slack, WhatsApp etc – put them in a folder far away from home screen
  5. And most importantly, set an away message for your email autoresponder – make it incredibly clear that you won’t be reading any emails over Christmas period, but available in emergencies for anything that can’t wait on ‘x’ number
  6. Depending on how long you are away, this is where conference calls come in to play. With all the silence from work, you’ll be sceptical that everything is going like clock work, so, it’s good to train yourself and colleagues to get in to a good holiday routine and keep non-emergency communication to a pre-defined number of conference calls at designated dates and times. Don’t allow for hour long calls – make it 15 minutes, set an agenda and get the pure facts.

Start adopting a good communications routine and try your best to break the poor communication habits and your life will be a healthier one – can you and your staff take this on board?