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When your in the business of providing legal advice, we understand how imperative it is for a conference call service to be the silent middle-man. In other words, works without hassle, high quality audio that doesn’t leave for second guessing and assumptions of what is being discussed.

audio quality / robust, high levels of security – dealing with sensitive audio / categorise calls on a per client basis (billing) / fast simple integration in to business / reduced expenditure

We are confident that from our list of conference call providers, you will find a service that fits in well with your industry, as most, if not all of them, have some of the top tier legal service companies on-board and making use of their teleconferencing services.

If you’re new to conference calling, here’s some of the key factors you should look at when obtaining a provider for legal professionals:

  1. Call audio – find a provider that doesn’t become a conversation breaker.
  2. Security – find a provider that provides robust and high levels of security, ensuring that conversations are dealt with securely.
  3. Billing – find a provider that allows you to categorise or tag each call so you can then more easily invoice your clients with ease.
  4. Integration – legal professionals belonging to a large business need a provider with fast and easy integration in to their business.
  5. Reduced Expenditure – if you have a current provider – see what a new provider from the below list could bring to you in regards to cost savings.

Top Legal Professionals Conference Call Service Providers:

Provider Further Information Google Review


Meetupcall Review 4.9 (90 Reviews)



Arkadin Review 4.4 (11 Reviews)



BT MeetMe Review 4.2 (18 Reviews)



PowWowNow Review 3.6 (11 Reviews)



LoopUp Review 3.4 (5 Reviews)


Zip Conferencing

ZIP Conferencing Review 3 (2 Reviews)



PGi Review 3 (2 Reviews)



Callr Review 1.7 (13 Reviews)