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Let’s face it, the teleconferencing sector has become a long standing joke for almost anyone that has ever had a conference call. That’s why there’s such things as ‘conference call bingo‘; we literally run a mock of not only the services provided, but of ourselves too.

Yes, conference call providers more often than not can be to blame, which is why we of course have this entire website dedicated to comparing conference call providers! But, the human side of us comes through more often than not; “oh, another conference call” or “I really need to pee. Do I go while on the call, or not?”… the list of complaints from both user interaction and poor quality service are pretty much endless. Or are they?

How to deal with crap conference call providers:

  1. Are you tied in to a contract? If so, don’t worry. Start shopping around and find alternatives that will give free trials. Find a service you like? Great. Now’s the time to have a conversation with that provider and see if they will ‘pay-off’ what is left on your old providers contract so that you can move across and/or, you never know, but that new provider you’re talking to may have a crafty way of helping you get out of the contract early without any penalties.
  2. If there’s no contract or it has just finished, then what are you waiting for? Well, many companies we speak to understand that the switch can be quite labor intensive, in particular for the IT guys who look after your infrastructure. But again, talk with the new conference call provider. If you’ve found a good one, you’ll probably find that they will bend over backwards to help you. Let’s face it, some of these companies have been around a number of years and they’ve heard all the issues and ironed out all the problems hundreds of times over.
  3. The human element. Does someone gabble too much? Or, do you find that meetings start late and are very disorganised? Well, we can help with that too, but the best way would be to Google the problem. Again, you’ll find a multitude of teleconferencing blogs that are discussing, in detail, a number of issues that come up for organisations and individuals on a daily basis.

So tell me, does your conference call provider suck? Start looking for a new one, now!