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It has been in the pipeline for a while now – Slack to give its paid members the opportunity to host conference calls. But, like any service, there are of course positives and negatives.

The Positives of Slack Conference Call Service

  1. Seamlessly integrated in to Slack app
  2. Not just audio – but includes video
  3. Free for paid Slack subscriptions

The Negatives of Slack Conference Call Service

  1. Can only hose a call with other that have Slack installed
  2. Can only accommodate 15 people, maximum
  3. Internet based – so you better hope everyone has a good connection

All in all, Slack conference call service looks to be great for internal team use, say perhaps a tech team that are working from numerous locations, but you probably don’t want to rely on it for anything important, i.e., customer discussions, etc. This isn’t just a thing against Slack, but  any conference call service that’s broadcast purely over the internet instead of using the trusty and more reliable PSTN phone line connections. See for yourself why some conference call companies still seem pretty rubbish.

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