Top tips for taking notes while on a conference call

Imagine this, you’ve just put the phone down on a conference call that lasts hours. You get back to your desk and start pouring through your notes to type up and disperse to others… wait, what the hell do any of these squiggles mean?!

We’ve all been there. And, it’s understandable – especially if someone is talking fast, someone just gave input and you’re not even sure who it was and so forth. Nightmare.

Luckily for you, note taking doesn’t need to be a hardship.

Good note taking etiquette:

  1. Understand who is on the call. Are you familiar with all participants, or, at least those that will be talking? This can’t always be the case, so you can either a) keep interrupting the conversation and ask who gave the input, which can be incredibly disruptive to the flow of the conversation, or b) utilise a conference call provider that provides a dashboard that pops up the profile card of the participant currently talking.
  2. Use short hand. Take more efficient notes with short hand writing. Ah, you’re not too savvy with short hand? Perhaps now is the time to employ a PA that does. Probably a bit too excessive just for a conference call?
  3. Agenda. Help yourself by understanding the flow of the conversation before it happens, i.e., ensure there’s a clear agenda and key points/speakers for each point in the agenda.

But the best note taking of all, are the ones you don’t take!

Note taking on a call is so last decade – you just don’t need to do it these days. Sure, it’s understandable to take some quick notes while someone is talking so that you can remind yourself to ask them something once they’ve finished talking, but ultimately, the best conference calls are the ones that you’re paying 100% attention to the ongoing conversation, rather than the note taking aspect of it.

But how? What witchery can be used so no note taking happens while on a call?Ā Record your conference call.

There. See. Simple. Call recordings are great for note taking (after the fact), as, instead of having notes that you don’t understand, you can keep listening back to recording until you understand what was being communicated. Like wise, people don’t need to read your notes – pass the recording on to all others so that they can listen back to it and make their own notes if required.

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