This is why Conference Calls SUCK!

“It’s not you, it’s me”. Oh wait, no, we’re talking about conference calling – it’s definitely you. If you hate conference calls, or, you’re the host of conference calls and you find that people seem to begrudgingly join, and showing a general sense of lethargy, we bet you have this one thing in common;

The conference call wasn’t really worth it

That’s right, you’re the attendee or host of a call that wasn’t really worth peoples time. It’s as simple as that; stop making people join needless conference calls; no one is going to thank you for it. Ugh, seriously, who wants to be on a pointless conference call?!

How to hold a better conference call

We’re not going to delve in to teleconferencing etiquette here, because, if you’re the host that’s inflicting paint upon your attendees, there’s one thing you need to do before you can polish your communication skills; hold a better call. But, what’s the secret sauce for holding better calls?

Make it actionable.

Unless actions need to be taken, naturally, your attendees are going to turn in to passive listeners – especially if this is a routine conference call. Thus, ensure the call has the following:

  • A clear set agenda. Having this sent out prior to a call ensures people are prepared for questions that may come their way. Likewise, it may cause some potential attendees to question their requirement to attend. Great, if they give a good enough reason not to attend, let them be elsewhere.
  • The follow-up. On the call, ensure people are all ears – perk them up by firing a volley of questions out there to snipe individuals. This will stop people becoming passive, as they’ll be wanting to ensure any questions that arise for them can be responded to without the embarrassment of having to ask the host to repeat themselves.


If you are unable to set an agenda, or hold a call that ends with new actions/tasks created, you probably should’ve just stuck to email.

Conference calls don’t suck, it’s just you.