The Goldilocks Zone for setting date & time for your conference calls

There is a well known stigma around conference calls that people like to groan under their breath to colleagues, “urgh, another conference call. FML”. However, as we’ve mentioned in the past, this IS why conference calls really suck, i.e., it’s not the medium of communication at fault, it’s usually down to other reasons related to how the host manages a call.

However, there’s one additional rule to live by when it comes to conference calls; ensure you’re setting them at the scientifically proven best time to do so. Spoiler alert, it’s NOT first thing on a Monday morning. Remember, most people hate conference calls, so after a well rested weekend, a conference call first thing is going to drain the productivity out of many – that is of course exacerbated, if you suck at being a conference call host.

If you want to make sure everyone can be there, the best time to meet is Tuesday afternoon, according to a study from YouCanBookMe, a UK company that makes scheduling apps for businesses. The firm crunched data from more than 2 million responses to 530,000 invitations and concluded that 2:30pm Tuesday is the time most people are free.- QZ article on best time to hold a meeting.

Naturally, this is all ok for face to face meetings, but if it’s not a face to face, then you need to consider the needs of an international audience and their respective time zone. This is where YouCanBook.Me, an online service that connects your calendar to those wanting to book your time out. Take a look at it here – it may well help you to arrange your future conference calls, with ease.


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