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Since the inception of the first teleconference service, the options on how to arrange have come along way. Below, we’ll go through the options and what the pros and cons are of each one.


Conference room # and telephone number

The most basic and oldest way to get people on to your conference call – simply handing out the conference call phone number to dial, as well as a conference room # for all to type in when prompted.


  1. Basic option – not much can go wrong!


  1. No way of managing who is on the call, i.e., knowing who’s on the call, booting attendees, or helping new attendees join.
  2. No privacy or confidentiality – major concern with GDPR, which is super important in industries such as legal services.
  3. While basic, still not the easiest, best way to ensure everyone joins successfully.


Attendee ID, Conference room # and telephone number

As per the above, but with the addition of a unique attendee ID to hand out to each participant.


  1. Attendee IDs give a small amount of confidentiality to your calls


  1. No way of managing who is on the call, i.e., knowing who’s on the call, booting attendees, or helping new attendees join.
  2. Not enough privacy & confidentiality to deal with GDPR – still too easy for ‘lurkers’ to join call and be unaware of them being there.
  3. Attendees have fat fingers – you’re guaranteed to have some that cannot get the details right, thus, unable to join.
  4. Tedious to arrange a call as you will need to give out personalised attendee details to each person.


Online Conference Call Service

Completely different to the above options – while it makes joining calls much easier for attendees, there are numerous hoops for them to jump through to get to that stage.


  1. Attendees can join with ease
  2. You are fully aware of who is on call and able to manage call; boot participants, lock conference room, etc.


  1. Will require all attendees to download software to either their app or computer – this is a major issue if bringing in attendees from other businesses as their IT security may have their computers locked down, so unable to download software.
  2. As per point 1, not very professional, or as slick, when dealing with third parties.
  3. You still need to get everyone to accept on best date/time of call – quite hard to still work out if going across numerous time zones.
  4. All attendees need a GOOD internet connection. Due to being internet based, can you ensure all attendees will be on a reliable internet connection? Again, if working with third parties, this can be dangerous and endanger your working relationship, purely because you didn’t pick a good teleconferencing provider.



The long and short of it, there’s no one size fits all, that’s why we recommend Meetupcall – they have all the above options, as well as additional options that ensure more security, confidentiality as well as making arranging, joining and hosting conference calls, super easy! Alternatively, check out our top conference call providers and compare services.