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There’s 2 ways to set up a conference call with Outlook, the long arduous way which will ensure most people can’t or won’t join, then there’s the swift, personalised approach which will ensure most join successfully, first time, on time. First off, let’s look at the laborious way.

The old fashioned way

  1. Open Outlook
  2. Navigate to New Appointment
  3. Enter Subject, Location, Time, Description and also categories if you so wish
  4. Add the email addresses of the attendees you want to join conference call
  5. International attendees? You’ll need to be clear and precise with additional information for those guys, such as local dial in numbers and convert the conference start time so they’re aware of their local dial-in time.

Now, sit back and relax in the knowledge that some attendees will be confused, some will find it hard to dial-in and others, well, who knows what happened to them.

The simple, professional way

  1. Open Outlook
  2. Navigate to New Appointment
  3. Enter Subject, Time & Description
  4. Add email addresses of attendees

That’s it. Done! Oh, but wait, what about international attendees? How will they know which details to use? And best time to dial in, with local time zone? No problem – with our top rate conference call service providers, their services deal with the personalisation of the emails that get sent out to attendees, to their localised needs.

Find a conference call provider today that makes conference calling easier and more professional.