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So, you’ve had umpteen issues with your conference call provider and your CEO’s call yesterday was abysmal. Time to jump ship, right? Heck yes, you shouldn’t put up with a continuously bad service, which often happens with the “free” or “cheap” providers. However, the best time to leave is before you’ve even signed up. Eh? Read on.

Leave before you join

What we mean by this is, be fully aware of what you are signing up to in the first place. It may be that you find some gruesome exit fees, or data locked in that makes leaving the service more of a pain than putting up with the shoddy service. Thus, here’s are the top things to be aware of, at signup:

  1. Exit fees. As above, be cautious and ask questions about any contract termination fees
  2. Exporting data. Does the conference call provider allow you to export; a) contact b) conference host details c) call recordings
  3. Exit time frame. If exiting from contract, how long is your contract
  4. Get your NEW conference call providers help. If you’ve found a new provider, use them as a bargaining chip – if there’s any exit fees, tell the new provider you’ll sign up with them if they pay the exit fees from old provider. Perhaps they also have their own tools to export the data from one provider to another


Extra tips:

  1. Remember to compare conference call providers with these key factors (as well as taking the above in to account)
  2. If teleconferencing is the back bone of your communication, remember to also invest in a backup conference call provider