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One of the reasons we made CCP was to combat the dread of needing to deal with conference call provider sales teams. Pushing you in to deals that are above and beyond what you need – it’s 2018, you don’t need to put up with this any longer!

80% of the providers that we have listed on Conference Call Providers you will be able to sign up to a service provider online, thus, giving you the freedom and time to select the best provider based on your requirements. However, if you insist on going with a provider where you need to make contact with a sales team, take a note of the following:

  1. Have in mind what you need before making the call – don’t be pushed in to bells and whistles if that’s not what you need – be concise from the very first contact with what you need.
  2. Estimate how many minutes you will be utilising – Don’t let a sales advisor make a wild assumption of your use – come armed with some ball park figures in mind as 9 out of 10 times, the contract cost will ultimately come down to average usage in minutes. Now, remember – a call that lasts 1 hour with 5 attendees is not 60 minutes, when it comes to conference call minutes – it’s the 60 minutes x by number of attendees, in this case, being 5 – giving you 300 minutes in usages for that 1 call. You need to calculate average usage over a monthly basis, at least, but take in to account any yearly changes to take in to account peak usage.
  3. Watch out for ‘penalties’ – A conference call provider won’t call it a penalty as per say, but it’s worth making sure you are aware of additional costs, for example, going over your monthly minutes – does the cost go up for minutes outside of package?
  4. Ask for more, for less – If you’re coming close to agreeing a deal (don’t let them know this of course), see what extra land you can grab for no extra charges, be it free screen share, or perhaps get the per minute price cut down – see what you can get and give them a sweetener, such as, “We’ll sign today if you can give us ‘X'”.
  5. Don’t feel the pressure – Laughably, conference call providers will use scarcity as a means to get you to sign on the dotted line quicker. If your provider tells you that you can get it cheaper if you sign before end of month, ask them why that is, as it’s not like they’re selling a FMCG, or fruit/veg with an expiry date.

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