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It’s much harder for families with any great distance between them to keep in contact with one another than it is for a close nit family that all live nearby, but let’s face it – that’s a very rare thing to happen these days. You’re more likely to be stretched across one side of the country, if not the world at some point through the generations.

Include everyone

The great thing about teleconferencing is that it’s not just for businesses, it’s a fantastic tool for families and residential calls too. And, unlike a basic phone call, your conference call (still completed over your home phone or mobile) can easily include your entire family in one call with no problems at all – no need to tell gran what you got up to at the weekend and then reiterate this to someone else on a different call – connect everyone, at the same time, no matter where your family members are.

Time saving and cost effective

Because everyone is on the same call, you’re going to save a heap of time, but not just that – with a group of family members on a call, it makes conversations run more freely and a much more joyus occasion then simply batting conversation backwards and forwards on a 2-way call.

As for cost. Perhaps your son or daughter are at college, university or working overseas, but money is a factor for them? No problem! Most conference call providers offer toll-free numbers for more than 60+ countries, so members of your family can dial-in to a call for free, or you can give our their respective countries local dial-in number and they’ll simply be paying for the local call rate.

Talking of time… have a member of the family who can never stick to a schedule? Most conference call providers these days offer a ‘dial-out’ service that doesn’t rely on each member of the family to dial-in – the service will automatically dial each family in at your desired time.

Teleconferencing is a simple, cheap and effective way of keeping all your members of the family informed, be it just a general chit chat, seasonal, weddings or funerals, a simple conference call can be a great tool for all the family.

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