Dear Personal Assistants, the right conference call provider can make your life easier

I cannot believe that this still happens, but it does, as I’ve just been in one of those meetings. A productive meeting, but oh boy, I’m glad I wasn’t the PA to the CEO. And bless her, she was obviously new and getting a little bit flustered, meanwhile, CEO a bit on the highly strung side, making it worse. So, while I believe it was a productive meeting, there’s one crucial link for the CEO and others in the room, that may cause confusion at best, or make the project crumble around them at worst. Yes, the PA!

Have you ever had to take notes for a meeting, where you don’t know anyone and the pace of the meeting is not only insanely fast, but conversations are way over your head? Yeah, I have. It’s a nightmare, and if the person controlling the pace of the meeting isn’t inclusive to the person trying to take concise notes that actions can then come from, then well, the meeting would have been a waste of time for all.

Dear PAs, this is how you make your life easier in regards to conference calls!

It’s simple, you need two things. A conference call host/CEO that is inclusive and ‘gets it’ when it comes to ensuring concise notes must be taken, but failing that, as, after all, you can’t always teach an old dog new tricks, you need to at least ensure the business you work for utilises a conference call provider that has the ability toΒ record the conference call.

It’s as simple as that! Listen to the conversation and ensure the talks are formulated in a way that can be productive, i.e., key points have actions connected to them where required – then, grab the call recording after to either share with all those involved and/or those not in attendance, or, simply press play and then take notes in your own time, away from the hustle and bustle of the call.

Oh, but you’re the best PA in the world and don’t need call recordings? Think again. πŸ™‚

Look, I know you superhero PAs are out there and you never get your notes wrong, however, consider call recordings in a different light. Think of it as a backup in case of dispute, i.e., your notes states ‘X’ to do ‘Y’, but someone else is adamant that on the call, ‘A’ should’ve been doing ‘B’ with ‘C’. A quick replay of the conference call and bingo, you now have irrevocable facts that cannot be argued against.

Find a conference call provider that meets your business needs (and includes call recordings):

Size of business?
Approx. number of conference call hosts?
Max. number of call attendees you'd expect on a call?
Longest call duration expected?
Ability to join via landline, web or smartphone?
Account manager required?
Pricing and features that scale with your business?
International dial-in numbers?
In-call management for call host?
Screen share required?
Video conferencing required?
Call recordings?