Conference Call Services that Work in United Arab Emirates, Legally

Utilising VoIP services such as Skype in the United Arab Emirates are banned – let’s look at how you can conduct business conference calls from and to UAE legally, without using VoIP services.

Skype. Just bin it. If you need to conduct business conference calls, don’t even bother with Skype, or any other VoIP related communications software/service as they are banned in the United Arab Emirates – at least for the foreseeable future. In other words, VoIP comms. could be taken off the internet ban list in the future, but there’s no guarantee it won’t end up back on it, thus, stay with a quality service that’s not going to keep going off and online every few months. Let’s face it, that’s not a service that’s going to do your business reputation any favours.

If not Skype, who to use? Simply! You need a provider that offers traditional conference calling services, that go directly over the phone lines. And, as we’ve mentioned numerous times in the past, the traditional way is still the best way even to this very day (better quality audio – especially over long distance calls). Other than the ban, view a catalogue of other issues with VoIP/WebRTC issues, here).

Finding a Conference Call Provider that works in Dubai, UAE and beyond

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ProviderCall Mgmt.Call RecordScreen ShareRatingsIdeal forFree TrialReview


Y Y Y 4.9 (107 Reviews)* • Small
• Medium
• Enterprise


Y Y Y 4.5 (14 Reviews)* • Small
• Medium


Y Y N 4.2 (18 Reviews)* • Enterprise N


Y Y Y 3.9 (7 Reviews)* • Small
• Medium
• Enterprise


Y Y Y 3.6 (15 Reviews)* • Small
• Medium

Zip Conferencing

N N N 3 (2 Reviews)* • Small N


Y Y Y 3 (2 Reviews)* • Enterprise Y


N N N 1.7 (13 Reviews)* • Small
• Medium