Conference Call Services for Political Parties – Here’s what you need

In the most recent articles we’ve written, we’ve gone over numerous business cases, from preparedness for Brexit to the nuances of requirements needed in certain industries, like the legal sector, where privacy and security of communication is paramount, and ultimate, all are linked in with one common goal; having a positive impact on the environment (and the bottom line of the business).

Now, when it comes to political organisations, a conference call service should be top of the list when it comes to internal AND external comms. for the party. Let’s connect the dots in how conference call services can help political parties do more.

Internal political party usage.

Like the legal sector, internal discussions are usually more sensitive in nature, so naturally, you are most aligned with the legal sector when looking for key attributes in a conference call provider – take a look at our legal sector conference call check list for a general idea of what you should be looking for in secure, internal communications. As a general, quick overview, you should be looking for the following:

  • ‘Throwaway’ one-use conference call details (ensuring people can’t eavesdrop in future calls)
  • Ability for conference call host to see number of people on a call, which phone numbers/names of people that are connected (helps with the above)
  • Ability for host to lock conference room – ensuring people cannot interfere with a call once in progress

External political party usage.

Unlike internal political party conference calls, when it’s for external use, what we mean is, with the general public. Not everyone can make it to a party conference, and not everyone, even in 2019, is tech savvy enough to view a parties conference via the internet, thus, a conference call line is a great backup for those that:

  • Not tech savvy
  • In an area that has poor internet connectivity
  • Just prefers to utilise a phone line rather than internet

By allowing this additional communications platform, you ensure you maximise the audience size, thus, getting your message out there more effectively. Take a look at our article on enterprise conference call services – as that’s similar in nature to what you need for external usage, i.e., the ability to command a call with large numbers, and of course, a provider that can actually connect large numbers of people.