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One of the main questions we constantly get asked is what’s the best way to have a conference call with people in Asia if you are located in America, or visa versa.

Good News / Bad News:

The good news is, finding a conference call provider that allows you to connect between America and Asia are two to the penny (yes, everyone is doing it). Unfortunately, the bad news is that because every man and his dog is offering such a service, the levels of service delivered differ, as to with the associated costs.

Cost example: for a 60 minute call, with 2 callers in America and 2 in Asia, the costs could be as little as $25 or as much as $500 if you are not careful (especially if you use a “free conference call service” that we’ve highlighted the dangers of here).

Quality example: paying more, doesn’t always mean you are going to get a better service. Depending on your geographical location to the actual conference call provider and the quality of the actual line used by the provider, quality of calls can be a real make or break if you’re looking to close a deal or create new business – don’t let poor audio quality be the problem.

Know where to look! Get started now by taking a look at are top 10 providers:

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