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We’ve covered numerous times in the past that people hate conference calls and they’ll do anything possible to wiggle out of it, and we’ve discussed how to avoid unnecessary conference calls, but it always comes back to one thing to help relieve office tensions and wasting peoples time; set an agenda. By setting an agenda and ensuring it goes out to everyone concerned in good time, it will help people plan ahead for the call and will also help others freely question if they need to be on the call.

So, always, always, set an agenda and ensure it has been written and sent with plenty of notice. Here’s an example template of what you should be sending attendees:

Meeting Agenda 

Location:  [Address or Room Number] 
Date:  [Meeting Date] 
Time:  [Meeting Time] 

Agenda details: 

  1. [Easily add your own content.] 
  1. [To replace tip text (such as this) with your own, just select a paragraph and start typing.] 
  1. [For best results when selecting text to replace, don’t include space to the left or right of the characters in your selection.] 
  1. [Get the formatting you need in no time.] 
  1. [This outline uses Heading 2 (formats the sentence with Roman numeral numbering) and Heading 3 (formats the sentence with lowercase letter numbering).] 
  1. [To quickly get these heading styles or any of the text formatting you see in this document, on the Home tab of the ribbon, check out the Styles gallery.] 
  1. [The roman numerals in this outline are red to match the document title and larger than the paragraph text.] 
[To see this document with all formatting and layout, on the View tab, click Reading View.] 

  1. [Agenda item] 
  1. [Agenda detail 1] 
  1. [Agenda detail 2] 
  1. [Agenda detail 3]


Lots of agenda templates can be downloaded for free, directly from Microsoft’s website: https://templates.office.com/en-us/Agendas


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