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In these tough economic times it is getting more difficult to raise money, especially for small charities.  Therefore, we must be increasingly aware of how to save money.  One unique way to save donor money is to utilize technology.  One technology that has become increasing available (and cheap) is teleconferencing (http://www.meetupcall.com).  Whether it be through services like Skype, or video chat, teleconferencing is an economical way to connect with donors and other important contacts.  No longer do you have to send informal letters, mass emails, or even worse, cold calls, you can talk with your donors in a virtual environment “face to face”.

There are numerous advantages to this virtual face to face conversation.  First, almost 90 percent of communication is non-verbal.  This means that you only get 10 percent of what your contacts are saying though letters and emails.  Although voice chat or phone conversations add to our communication, you never get the full picture.  However, with teleconferencing, you get the entire scope of what is being communicated. Think of how much more can be communicated when you can see and hear your donors.

Second, with the benefit of getting the entire communication, you save lots of money.  Compare raising fuel costs, airline tickets, and the other monetary resources it takes to meet your donors face to face.  These savings in monies only add to your cause’s bottom line.

Third, the savings in time is easily seen.  Even if your donors are in the same town as you are, think of how much time away from your office, your home, your family, and other donors could be saved if you used teleconferencing.  With teleconferencing, there is shorten wait time for the start of the meetings, and you can be to your next meeting within minutes.

In short, teleconferencing is a quick and easy way to save time, money, and better connect with your donors.  It’s plain to see that it is a wise choice for all wishing to impact their charities bottom line.