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When you ask someone what conference calling is for, you’re pretty much guaranteed the answer will be “for meetings of 3 or more people that are not all located in the same area”. And of course, there’s nothing wrong with that answer, because that is why the majority of people use it. But is there more to conference calling than just this?

We’ve discussed in the past that conference calling is also great to use over the holiday season for connecting family members from numerous locations, but taking this a step further, conference calling is also a great way of connecting people together, when there’s just 2 people involved on the call, for example…

If you are located in America and you need to call someone in Europe, what would you typically do? Call their phone number of course. Unfortunately, when you dial-out to an international number, you’re going to end up being hit by a hefty bill. So, what else is there you can use?

Well, there is of course Skype or alternatives to this service that use an internet connection, but more often than not, you’ll end up with an experience that’s less than great because of either yours or the other persons internet connection not being fast enough. This is where conference calling services come in.

With conference call providers that offer international dial-in numbers, each person joining a call dials in with their localised phone number meaning the only cost involved is the local phone number charge, while the conference call service does the ‘middle man’ stuff to bridge the gap between both parties local numbers.

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