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If you’re looking for a new conference call provider and never previously comitted to one, here are 3 questions you should be asking any provider before signing up.


If you believe you’ll be a heavy user of a conference call service, it’s well worth talking to the provider to find out if any discounts can be given for such usage. We’d be surprised to hear if no such discount could be given.

Reaffirm costs

Does the service provider state they have a ‘free’ service? Believe us, it’s not. It’s probably best if you give an example call for the service provider and ask them what the approximate costs would be. Type of details you should give would be on the lines of:

  • Where attendees are located (country)
  • How many attendees
  • Approximate duration of call

Double check service providers abilities

If it’s clear cut, purely audio conferencing you need then you shouldn’t run in to any troubles with picking a provider. After all, it is the staple part of the industry. But, things do start coming apart when you’re asking for additional feature sets, such as screen share or call recording.

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