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How to: Conference Call in St. Helena

Saint Helena and other localised islands are 1,200 miles away from the closest land mass – being South Africa, so, if you’re in need of communication with the rest of the world, conference calling services that are kitted out for the needs of St. Helena are the obvious choice. You’ll most likely need to make use of a UK based conference call number, but these costs can usually be kept down. Get a quote below and contact providers to double check costs.

Inviting attendees

  • Provide dial-in number and conference room ID number
  • Utilise an invite feature that will automate the process of emailing instructions to each individual conference call guest

Joining call

  • Use a dial-out service where you dial each attendees number to gain them access to call
  • Attendees to utilise an app
  • Attendees to utilise a smartphone ‘1-click’ dial-in service

Administrating call

Many still don’t bother with even the simplest of on-call administrative tasks, however, if you want to increase security and improve convenience for attendees, our cream of the crop selected conference call providers offer additional features such as;

  • Lock/unlock conference call
  • Ability to kick individuals from call
  • Turn call recording off/on
  • Dial-out to late attendees
  • Conference control centre to manage all the above and more…


Saint Helena Dial-in Numbers – Watch out for excessive costs!

There are some unscrupulous conference call providers out there that will tell you that they provide a ‘free conference call service’, to which, most people believe this means there will be no costs, be it direct from conference call providers, or indirectly, from your telephone service provider. Unfortunately, there’s two key sets of numbers to look out for…

a) “Free” conference call providers. Guess what? They’re anything but free!

b) Ensure, if you are in St. Helena, you are making use of St. Helena based phone numbers.There are “free” services out there that make you call NYC phone numbers; 646-663-6070.

What about attendees from outside St. Helena?

If not all attendees are based in St. Helena, you’ll need to ensure that those participants dial-in to the call with their localised dial-in numbers, be it United Kingdom, China or the United States of America, if you don’t give them access to a localised, country/region specific phone number, they’ll end up paying large fees for dialling internationally.

Conference call providers offering services for St. Helena and rest of the world:

ProviderCall Mgmt.Call RecordScreen ShareRatingsIdeal forFree TrialReview


Y Y Y 4.9 (107 Reviews)* • Small
• Medium
• Enterprise


Y Y Y 4.5 (14 Reviews)* • Small
• Medium


Y Y N 4.2 (18 Reviews)* • Enterprise N


Y Y Y 3.9 (7 Reviews)* • Small
• Medium
• Enterprise


Y Y Y 3.6 (15 Reviews)* • Small
• Medium

Zip Conferencing

N N N 3 (2 Reviews)* • Small N


Y Y Y 3 (2 Reviews)* • Enterprise Y


N N N 1.7 (13 Reviews)* • Small
• Medium