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Powwownow is one of the best free web and audio conferencing service that caters to UK customers. All the customer has to do is pay for the call and all other facilities are free. Customers also get access to extra features like audio control in this offer.

For a customer to avail of basic conferencing services, all he/she has to do is enter the email address following which a PIN number is generated which can be used by all invites. However, the flip side to this is that the user calls a more expensive 0870 number as compared to registering on the site through which the customer will get a cheaper 0844 number to dial out on. Registration also gives the customer access to special features provided during conferencing.

Powwownow offers its customer 2 types of services. The Showtime service provides its customers with basic web conferencing application. The added feature trough this application is that the user can share his/her desktop to all invites by downloading a client application and the invite entering the PIN code through a URL. This application is perfect for presentations and also acts as a chat service if the invite downloads the client application.

Through the premium service, the user can opt for a precise package which would suit his/her requirement. Through this service, one can get anytime conference without booking, call recording, reporting and welcome messages that can be customized.

Powwownow is recommended only because it is a free service although there is a lot left to be desired.