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Premiere Global Services certainly offers the best deal when it comes to the many conference call service providers that are available on the market today. You will certainly have to learn about this conference call company if you are a company that does its business globally. The company offers quality and service excellence when it comes to the conference call service provision. Premiere Global Services offers software solutions for both mid-sized companies and large corporate companies. It offers the operator controlled conference calling platform and the non operator controlled calling platform. The non-operator controlled conference call is sometimes known as the automated conference call and connecting into these conference calls is almost instant. Premiere Global Services offers the best file sharing and communicating tools. The other packages that the company has to offer include the online marketing campaigns, scheduled notices and the bill notifications.

Global conference has collaborated with various communication software owners so as to present their customers with the best communication package. The service provider provides all customers with the web conferencing service and the web casting service. One of the other services that customers enjoy today is the PGi communication systems integrated into the communication platforms offered by Global conference. These services include the PGiMeet solutions, PGiSend solutions and the digital fax service. Clients have certainly been thrilled by the many services that are being offered by the Global conference service provider. With the easy to use control panel, you will certainly be in a position to enjoy the best when it comes to communication.

The customizable web conversing solutions offered by Premiere Global provide customers with an upper edge when it comes to business communication. You will be guaranteed to ensure the best of conference calling when dealing with this service provider. The PGi Communications Operating Systems and the integrated systems enable clients to enjoy the benefits of web technology at a cost effective price. The new PGiMarket e-mail system offers customers with the POP3 email service platform.

The PGi software solutions certainly places Global conference at a cut above the rest. The PGi systems used include the following; PGiMeet, PGiSend and PGiNotify.

PGiMeet- it provides the ease of setting up meetings on the internet through conference calls. Now companies can save money on both global and local meetings with the use of this system. You will also be able to use web presentations in the meeting.

PGiSend– As a client you will be able to use this system to send a fax from your computer. You will also be able to send the fax to many recipients at the same time.

PGiNotify– This services is used to send messages and notifications to different people especially those who are going to be involved in the conference call. This may also be a way to ensure that all the participants of the conference call are sent reminders before the conference call begins.

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