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Today Miura teleconferencing stands amongst the top ten conference call service providers in the world. The service provider offers the best and reliable teleconferencing services that most businesses in the world today are enjoying. The fully hosted conference calling package over the internet provides clients with the best service when it comes to web conferencing. Miura does not offer just the conference calling services but also offers quite a number of other services that help many companies to benefit from the online communication technologies. If you are looking for low costs conference call services then Miura will certainly offer you the righty deal that you are looking for today. Miura is out there to provide the best services when it comes to conference call rates as it always compares its prices to that of its competitors. The company keeps on cutting down its call rates so as to ensure that it if offering the lowest conference call rates on both local and international calls.

The Encore digital package is one service that is offered by Miura that most companies in the UK and the world have embraced. The Encore digital package allows the conference call clients to record their conference calls and use the recorded material for reference. These services have brought the best for law firms as they can now record conference calls between them and their clients and ensure that all the conversations are kept on recording medium. Most of the services that are offered by this service provider come under one umbrella fee meaning that the customers do not need to pay extra for these packages.

The conference calling services offered by Miura are available for 24hrs meaning that you are able to setup emergency conference calls at any time of the day. The service allows you to setup conference calls with people from all over the world whilst enabling all of you to have a fast and hassles free connection. The international conference calling package enables you to save money on all you international calls as you will be able to call people from all over the world at flat rates. Miura conference call service offers both the operator controlled teleconference system and the non-operator controlled.

Miura conference call service allows you to have more than 20 people participating in one conference call. With the best of communication offered by this service provider, you will be able to hold global meeting right from your desktop without having to travel. Miura conference offers both the audio and the video conference services. The video conference service allows the participants of the conference call to see each other and discuss issues as they were in one room. The web- conference services offered by Miura come with quite a number of features that include the sharing of files during a conference call. You will be able to send and receive information and SMS’s as the conference call progresses. Get the best deal in conference calling today with Miura conference call services.