Q. How many calls can be connected to a conference call? [Answered]

The question often posed as “how many calls can be connected to a conference call?” can also be worded in a more correct manner as; how many attendees can join and be hosted on a conference call.

A. It depends. Ultimately, it comes down to your conference call provider, for example, services such as Skype will limit your room to 50 maximum, where as using the iPhone conference feature, i.e., merging callers in to one call is maxed out at just 5.

However, if you’re with a ‘proper’ conference call provider, then it will usually be limited by one or more of the following factors:

  • Your plan. For example, you may have a maximum number of attendees, depending on the plan you’re on.
  • Infrastructure. For example, at peak times, a conference call providers servers that handle the call hosting will be under higher demand. If a provider doesn’t have suitable infrastructure in place, you’re likely to come in to problems such as choppy, robotic audio, etc. If you’re hosting a large attendee call, ensure you’re with a provider that can handle it and/or, double check with the provider that they can manage it, as it may mean extra resources are pushed towards your call as a priority.