Q. How do you set up a teleconference? [Answered]

The way in which you set up a conference call will be dependent on which service provider you are with, however, there is more often than not, some similarities. We take a look at the most popular means of setting up a conference call.

A. Providing the very basics

This option is one of the oldest in the market and the most basic option. It allows for nothing more than attendees to join a call, with no added bells and whistles. You need to provider attendees the following, with whichever way you prefer to communicate that info:

  1. Conference call number
  2. Conference room ID


  • Very basic info.


  • No good if you have international attendees, as you would need to provide them with a localised dial-in number.
  • No security. Anyone could be on the conference call listening in and you wouldn’t be aware, if conference call details given to others.
  • No info regarding conference call start time, you’d need to add this on, but also convert time zone start time for international attendees.

B. ‘Easy Invite’

This is an example offering from Meetupcall and it’s the opposite end of the spectrum when it comes to setting up a conference call.


  • Conference call email invite are sent out to each attendee. All you need to do is i) add the conference call attendees to invite ii) set time and date of call (using your local time zone).
  • Each email automagically personalises per attendee, giving the best dial-in number based on location and timezone converted to local time for call start.
  • Secure. Each attendee is given their own PIN for joining call.
  • Due to each attendee having unique PIN, the call host can utilise the admin panel to see who is, and isn’t on the call.
  • ‘Easy Invite’ gives additional methods for attendees to join call, such as i) 1-click dial in for smartphones or ii) ‘dial-out’ option which each attendee can setup before call, by providing phone number and then Meetupcall will call that attendee at start of call, no prompts for PINs to remember, just automagically straight in to the call, at the right time, every time.
  • For the person arranging the call, you’ll be able to more efficiently send invites and ensure more attendees join call at the right time.


  • Charges from £9 per month.



Ultimately, the choice is yours, and perhaps the most basic option is best for you, if it’s a one-off call. However, if your conference calls will be more than just a one-off, we’d recommend Meetupcall or similar provider that offers the ‘Easy Invite’ option, as you’ll save time, and, if calls are with clients, look more professional.