PowWowNow’s new Video Call service from just £10pm

Powwownow have recently launched a new, beautifully designed Video Call service, offering HD quality video streaming, and putting the focus on the speaker.

So, what does this mean for your conference calling? Well, from just £10 per month, you can indulge yourself in bring a bit more of a human touch to your meetings with a better sense of having a face to face, or well, as good as. Of course, not everyone loves the thought of doing video conferencing, but it has it’s place, especially if you’re having a ‘kick off’ meeting with someone, be it a supplier or potential client, that you’ve never had the chance to meet face to face with.

Oh, but wait, we’ve mentioned the pitfalls of video conferencing in the past, such as downloads. BINGO! Powwowow Video Calls do not require any downloads by either the host or attendees – yep, PWN are doing a great job at minimising issues (and excuses) for not joining a video call.

It doesn’t stop at just video calling – you get this as well as call recording, unlimited UK call mins (as part of your Video Call plan, screen share & document annotations as well as a nifty online agenda.

Congratulations to PowWowNow for continuing to push the boundaries of communication!

Find out more about PowWowNow’s Video Call service here.