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LoopUp conference call services were designed to tackle the problem of “painful” conference calls head on


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The digital age has provided business people with incredible time-saving opportunities, not least the potential to communicate and collaborate anywhere in the world – in real time – from your office chair! That’s not to say this is always problem-free, though. If you’re hosting an important business conference call and the technology interferes with the process, it can be deeply frustrating. Worse still, it can make you look unprofessional and cause costly delays in decision making. LoopUp conference call services were designed to tackle the problem of “painful” conference calls head on.

Ironing out the creases

LoopUp’s service designers want customers to enjoy seamless and stress-free remote meetings. So, they’ve developed a system that irons out many of the perennial “niggles”. This includes making it easy to share content during your conference call without missing a beat. Distractions such as background noise and too many notifications and processes are also eradicated with LoopUp. The system they provide is ideal for anyone who needs conference calls to be focused, fruitful and flawless, without sacrificing security or flexibility.

Great cost benefits

One of the ways LoopUp seeks to simplify business conference call systems is to make sure customers only buy the level of service they need. It’s important you don’t pay for “whistles and bells” you never actually use. So, LoopUp offers various package levels at differing price points, starting at 1,200 minutes per month for a highly reasonable fee. The team are so sure you will find LoopUp easy to use that they also offer a one-month trial free.

Other useful information

LoopUp conference call services integrate easily with your existing communications tools. They can also be adapted as an everyday business process without training, as the format is so simple and intuitive. With LoopUp, you can do business remotely and in real time, with one click access to meeting entry tools and additional collaboration capabilities.


Rating & Reviews

3.4/5 from 5 Reviews*

Price Range

£15 to £29

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