Upto £24bn lost by businesses every year through poor conference call practices

Commissioned by LoopUp, Sapio Research have created a report on enterprise conferencing, user behaviour & impact and come to the shocking conclusion that £24bn ($34bn) is wasted every year by businesses due to poor conference call practices. That’s an incredible amount of wasted resource via a form of communication that should be compliment productivity and not hinder it.

The research was conducted so to sought a better understanding of the realities of conference calling in enterprise sized businesses. The research was conducted with 1,000 participants that are regular conference call participants from the UK and USA to find out more about thei practices and the challenges they regulary encounter when hosting remote meetings.

Key findings

  • Dialling in to a conference call still most utilise form of joining a call (60%+ utilise this form of dialling in)
  • 55% of research participants say their conference calls are used for business critical discussions
  • VoIP only makes up 7% of devices used to join a call
  • 55% of conference calls include external attendees, be it partners, clients or suppliers
  • 71% of conference calls don’t include a web conferencing component
  • More than 63% of people report waiting over five minutes for everyone to get set up on web conferencing tools before the host is able to start
  • 66% of respondents used the same passcodes to dial i to calls for a year or more
  • Only 12% of research participants would be as comfortable to use video conference as they would be with audio conferencing

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