The genius, but obvious route to great video conferencing by LoopUp

Even with the roll out of 5G, we’re still not at the stage in the UK, or worldwide for that matter, for 5G connectivity speeds, let along 4G, thus, video conference, especially ‘on the go’ is still dodgy to say the least.


LoopUp are working their way to maximising video usage on calls, without it interfering in a troublesome way with audio quality. Above all else; audio is still an essential need.

That’s why LoopUp have come up with a great additional feature to their conference call services – the ability to utilise your desktop PC, laptop of MAC to connect to the call purely for video, while your phone line can handle the audio. Thus, one cannot interfere with the other.


*”In general, the host will be able to evaluate the true value of video in a particular meeting or conference call. LoopUp thus allows guests to opt-in to turn on their cameras if the host decides to enact video.

LoopUp video will now be rolled out to all customers in a phased programme, without licence fees. Pricing remains on a simple pay-for-it-you-use-it basis, while the video implementation does not require a download but is instead available via regular mainstream PC and tablet browsers through WebRTC technology.”


Take a look at LoopUp in more detail, here.


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