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Reservationless conference calls allow one to access audio conference calls at any moment or at a previously scheduled date. It means literally that it does not require reservations inside the communications provider to arrange time and number of participants, it works like a common telephone line where one dials in and communicates with as many people as one wishes at any moment withou any third parties. If you have weekly recurring reunions or you have to organize an unexpected meeting at the last minute this service serves well the purpose. These services are offered by local telecommunication providers or by online providers.

Powwownow are a telecommunications provider corporation located in the United Kingdom. Their motto is “we are different from the rest”. Few providers offer the quality of service and costs that they give. In the particular offer of free conference calling, teleconferencing through Powwownow is totally easy, the client is only charged with the cost of the startup of the call, not any minute afterwards, without any hidden fees. They are one of the two only telecommunications companies that offer a true conference calling service in the United Kingdom. Their cost per call is only E2.58. The limit for this call is one hour, but after that the only cost is another E2.58 for another hour, and so on. The limit of participants is six.

Collaboration, meeting, broadcasting, teaching or supporting job colleagues, shareholders, employees or team members, customers and sellers, students, all this is possible with telecommunication and conference calls which get cheaper and cheaper as time passes. It does not matter if one is poor or has difficult access to a call center, there is always an alternative to communicate with those important to oneself be it through call centers, the world wide web, your own home, etc. It does not matter where one is in the world, telecommunications always reach there. The big question is why spend money on travelling, if you can speak instantaneously with those that you need to speak with as if they were at your side.