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Web conferencing enables people to transmit voice and video or text in real time to one or more far away locations. These are called online teleconferences, because they use the internet online to transmit the data from one computer or a device to another. The most simple methods of web conferencing make use of chat and instant messaging software to start discussions between two or more people. The more sophisticated programs are capable of sending video through a web camera which both parties need to have to stream the video. You can also share files at the same time. Some programs use the internet and software only while others use the telephone system to distribute audio content.

Teleconferences serve not only for business and cold stuff like reporting updates of work, it’s greatest usefulness is to communicate relatives among each other, connecting with mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, aunts, nieces, cousins, and all the family as if they were speaking next to you, or even see them with nowaday’s technological advancements. In the business aspect, workers can communicate with each other to transmit reports, update the work, and bosses use them in their meet ups with associates to coordinate plans. Everyone nowaday uses teleconference services in one way or another to communicate with someone known or for need.

Global teleconference or teleconferencing refers to a teleconference that can be conducted connecting two or more points from any part of the globe in real time be it through video, audio, or web communication. Nowaday the most used form of global teleconference would be the web based conferencing. It is extremely easy and cheap to set up, nowaday even programs people use everyday can produce a global teleconference between multiple sides like messenger programs with video or audio chat without any cost.

For a conference with management from third parties to make your life easier there are many telecommunication companies that offer the service.

Teleconference facilities are facilities where companies and providers offer their dedicated telecommunication services. Often these comprehend halls ready with all the telecommunication devices ready for the requested task. Video halls will count with a huge central monitor and video stations that can be constituted by personal pcs or just monitors controlled remotely by an operator, microphones, headphones and general audio speakers for the central monitor. Audio teleconference facilities will be constituted by personal stations with microphone and headphone and general audio for the central speakers. Web conferences will provide most of these and also computers for the exchange of files and documents.