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  5. March 2016 Conference Call Statistics Update

As we move at pace to the end of Q1 2016 we can see that statistically, nothing much has changed within the conference call industry over the past 12 months when it comes to usage.

Country interest

For the 42 month in a row, the United States of America continues to hold the highest interest in conference call usage, followed by numerous Middle East & South East Asia countries.

Regional interest

Regionally, 9 out of the top 10 cities that have an interest in conference calling are US based, with Bangalore (India) coming in at 5th.

Service interest

Held consecutively for 84 months, free conference calling is still the key service interest of choice, followed by Skype, which ultimately, appears to be a secondary “free” search term, for those looking for legitimate “free conference calls”, rather than use of those conference call providers that offer “free conference calls” which are in fact charged straight to your phone bill at an expensive non-geographical rate.

Interestingly, there’s breakout interest in other services on the rise such as those looking for how to use a smartphone for conferencing or Google Conferencing (a new service launched in 2015). We’d expect these services to gain further interest and “free” conference calling will start to fade away as the realisation continues to hit that such services are in fact, not free.