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We will give some advice for when one has to select a conference call provider to best suit the individual or corporation’s needs. If you are gonna hire a provider which offers conference calls through the common telephone conferencing lines, the many companies that exist all offer almost the same quality of service which is good and the same features for the service. If you have, however, decided to use video or VoIP conference calls the best option is to hire an independent conference calls company to filter your calls through their central number. For this, the best are the ones that leave clear all the features of their offer. Keep an eye out for companies that place hidden charges.

Meetupcall is a new startup in technology company created in 2009 that offers audio conferencing with low cost services to any business, from small to multi national organizations. They offer quality communication and customer support at a low price overall.

Muira Conference is a company that was established in 2004, they are suppliers of telephone conferences aimed with enterprise quality mostly, they also offer web conferencing, webinars and webcasts.

Your Conference is a company that offers unlimited time calls with unlimited participants paying a previous sign up fee. They provide quality communication and experience in calls management.

Note: all these refer to the UK.

Audio conferencing if it is provided at competitive prices comfortable for the individual or the small business, improves their economy reducing the conferencing costs which these might require often significantly. Some providers offer audio conferencing without the use of bridges, so this lowers the rate per minute or of signing up even more. Audio conferencing without the use of bridges also increases the security for those corporations or small businesses or even individuals that require privacy and manage important information.

Audio conferencing in nowaday’s world has the advantage of being simple and straightforward because it often uses only a telephone line with a speaker, compared with other forms of communication which require long setups or going to a pre arranged hall.