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There are many providers that offer cheap conference calling at low rates. Easy call is one of them, they provide a service to call inside the country or internationally alike for 7 cents of dollar per minute and their service is specialized with operator assigned to the client to schedule and conduct their calls with efficiency. Another one of these providers that offer cheap international conferences is AItelephone, their plan goes 4 cents of dollar for calling to any place in the United States, 7 cents of dollar to Canada, and the option to buy a rate free telephone for calling internationally to any part. Like these there are many offers, it is a matter of choosing which one suits best your needs.

Most of the conference call services allow the client to call instantly without any interference through a passcode previously provided to them by the corporation and without any reservation any time of the day. Normally these go from 10 cents of dollar onwards. Some of the other features found in these services include: dashboards updated online for your live calls, these allow you to manage visually, and not only through audio, who joins and when your conferences. Recording and downloading of the entire conference or files connected to them. Reviewing of other calls previously made on your account. Some even offer web conferencing free of charge managed by an operator for your comfort.

When one needs to connect to many people which are in far away locations and make them speak together one with the other, phone conferences are the easiest way of doing so. Phone conference services manage through the use of an operator that schedules and operates the entire call meetings in real time eliminating the hassle of traveling and the cost of it. These phone conference services can customize the chat allowing only the main speaker to talk, meanwhile all the other attendants only listen, or allow each participant to give a signal when they want to take the voice. These are paid per person or per minute. Some other providers offer a flat rate paid monthly for the same purpose and with the same characteristics.

Another one of these conference call services is the InstantConference telecommunications corporation which offers their services online for immediate contact, signing up and use of the client. Their focus is on quality of service, in any conference be it through phone or video phone the conference bridge or provider does not matter, the clarity decreases when you add more and more attendants. If they use cell phones at the same time when they are near certain telecommunication equipments or others in the conference are speaking and they listening, the quality suffers and there appear transmission problems. Their conference bridges are set up well inside the companie’s offices and are connected in such a way and using special filters and set ups so that they avoid at the maximum interference with other telecommunication devices. They also claim that their equipment lacks echoes, which lower the quality of the transmission during conferences.