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I knew it, I just knew it. Where there’s a sales person that’s feels happier to email, there’s lethargy and a lack of confidence. Like a cancer, unchecked, it develops through sales teams and becomes the status quo. Next thing you know, sales have plummeted, but your head of sales can’t face facts. Instead, you’re finding yourself under a barrage of half truths and slopey shoulders, putting blame firmly at the door, elsewhere. Anywhere, but with the team that need to sell.

Everyone knows, if the processes are in place and the sales script is finely tuned, picking up the phone and conversing with potential customers is far better than email.


You need to REMOVE the possibility of emailing in the cases that absolutely need to be made with a two-way, live conversation and away from email, where potential customers can mull over 101 ways to wriggle out of signing a contract with you.

Of course, there is a place for email, Instant Messenger and so forth, but not when it comes to potential customers, where better than ‘just adequate’ communication is required.

So, make conference calling a part of the sales process for your team, today and start reaping the benefits, such as;

  • Live conversations
  • Allows you to professionally arrange meetings and pull additional people in to the call from numerous locations/teams
  • Allows you to record and play back for training purposes after the fact
  • Boost sales, versus email

If your sales team are not closing a deal with a face to face or call, then you’ve probably got issues!

Find your ideal conference call provider, based on your requirements, here.