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Do you have a sales team, full of lions, chewing at the bit every morning to get on the phones? Damn, how lucky you feel to have such an energetic team, full of force. Fierce like a lion, nothing is going to step in their way!

Oh, but wait, they’re not getting the sales in? Ah. It must be the product or service you’re trying to peddle! Perhaps, you don’t *quite* have all the features that the potential customer wanted. Yep, that’s it! That’s why sales aren’t rocketing!

No, far from it.

In a world full of lion, you need chameleons.

Some words to describe a lion; Alpha male, dominant, fierce until the bitter end.

Some words to describe a chameleon; interchangeable.

Look, generally, it’s nothing to do with the product and service, ESPECIALLY if you have a team of lions. The lions are 9 times out of 10, the issue, not the product or service.

You do NOT need to be: a lion AKA pushy. No one needs the pushy salesman approach. Surely we can evolve from that 20th century practice by now, right? Oh sure, it may work some of the time. Get the right personality type, and pushing and forcing them in to a little rectangular box for their signature is just what you need, but guess what? Not everyone has the same personality traits, for force to succeed, so this will absolutely be costing you sales.

You DO need to be: a chameleon. You NEED to be likeable. To be likeable to any personality type, you need to mirror the way they communicate, their mannerisms (to a degree) and have a genuine 2-way conversation – so having your chameleons in a team are a must. You don’t want to be just picking up the 10% that adhere to the fore approach, you need to be able to react to each personality type to hit it off and allow communication to be freely open.

Now, remember, being a chameleon, you KNOW who you are deep down, underneath. So, just because you are tweaking the way you approach a potential customer, it doesn’t mean you bend over backwards for them.

In a world full of lions, be a chameleon.

Better understand your sales team. Get them away from email and instant messaging – get them on conference calls – a much easier way to confirm if you have lions or chameleons. Or, more to the point, what need to be changed, to ensure you have the very best chameleon sales team.

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