Meetings – love them, or hate them?

Todays politics can be either exhausting or exhilarating, depending on your outlook. Similarly to meetings, quite often you have two polar opposites, like Marmite; extreme lovers, or haters. What do you think is best to be, love them or hate them?

Neither, is the answer, but if you must be one of them, better to at least like them, right? However, the problem usually lies with the person that loves meetings, because, usually, they love having them a bit too much, in an unproductive, here for a chat kinda way, which, funnily enough, is why the other camp usually hates meetings.

So, shout out to all those that despise having meetings, which can be further compounded if it’s via a dodgy conference call provider with audio issues.

Read our blog article from last year; This is why your conference calls suck, i.e., it’s usually the host – unorganised, lack of agenda, etc. Give it a read if you’re a conference call host, likewise, if you hate meetings, you may want to guide the meeting host to that article.