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If you’ve ever tried to get a handful or more of people to a conference call, you probably know how frustrating it can be when attendees don’t turn up, for one reason or another. So, let’s iron out some of the issues. Be prepared to counteract any of these to maximise your attendee numbers!

Are you setting conference calls for the right reason?

It’s like meetings. Some people seem to have meetings, for the sake of having a meeting. People will soon get burnt out if you’re having a conference call (especially recurring ones) when there’s a better communication platform.

See if you’re making good use of conference calls.


Are you sure the audio quality is good for all?

Again, especially if it’s a recurring call, some may start giving you every excuse under the sun for why they can’t make it, but perhaps it’s actually because they have an audio issue? For them, this could be quite embarrassing if the meeting presses on as they are the only ones with an issue.

Always, always, ensure there are no grievances during a conference call. Give every amply time to chime up at any point, if audio call quality issues strike. It may simply be that you need to give them a copy of the audio post call so they can catch up properly!

Diagnose and provide solutions for audio issues.


What time is the call in my time zone?

Another point of great contention is if your conference call has attendees dialling in from all over the world. You may well set the time to 10am GMT, but do people on East Coast America understand what the conversion is to their time zone?

Don’t let time-zones becomes an issue. Click here.


No surprises!

a) If you are going to have a recurring conference call, set it for the same day and time each week/month. This will help attendees build a habit of joining.

b) Don’t leave it until the call to make everyone aware of the outline of the call. Always communicate the agenda as far in advance as possible. No one likes last minute surprises, or being put on the spot to answer questions that need more than a simple yes or no answer!


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