How to get out of your conference call contract

A common issue we’ve seen on the rise over the past decade, and we suspect this won’t change in 2020, is the need to get out of a conference call contract early. This shouldn’t be an issue for small businesses, with low usage of teleconferencing as we’d expect those to be on a monthly rolling contract, whereas, corporate sized businesses are more than likely to be on a 12 month minimum contract, if not longer.

For those in long term contracts, here’s a few ways you can get out it early:

Service Level Agreements

The main reason most want to leave their conference call provider and terminate contract early is usually due to issues with the service. If you’re on a long-term contract, there’s probably an SLA (Service Level Agreement) in place. If so, there’s probably a clause for early termination in place, i.e., if level of service falls below x%, you can opt-out early without recourse. Ensure you keep a note of all issues and fire them to the conference call providers customer service team asap – ensure it’s completed over a way that’s documented, i.e., over email rather than phone. Persistent issues that you keep flagging up, you’d hope would be resolved ASAP, thus, no longer needing to terminate contract, however, if they can’t fix it, you’d hope it comes under SLAs, or at the very least, they’ll be very happy to see the back of you due to the drain on their customer service department.

Make an offer

No SLA/termination clause broken? Just state you want to terminate early – see what their reply is. If not budging, make an offer, perhaps 15% upfront payment for months not complete under contract.

New provider

If you’re wanting to leave current provider, more often than not, you already have a new provider in mind. Ensure you’re happy with potential new provider first and that they offer something that resolves your current issues as you don’t want to jump out of the frying pan and in to the oven, but if the new provider is looking like a good fit, you’re well in to the negotiating process, now drop the bomb; “We’d love to join you, in fact, we’d sign the contract today, however, we currently have ‘x’ months left of our current providers contract – would you buy us out of this contract?”. Sure, they may want to put the price of your contract up, or perhaps agree to lengthen the contract, either way, you’re out of issue with current provider.

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