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So, you’ve signed up to a 12/24 month long contract, because well, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Unfortunately, as many find out, the few test calls you did within your trial period prior to signing a contract, while reliable, were in no way what you have now been experiencing. There are also other issues that arise after signing a contract, such as cost shock – finding that your ‘bundled’ conference call minutes don’t actually cover your real usage, thus, the conference call provider is stinging you with additional minutes charges, that are quite typically double or treble your original cost expectations.

How to get out of your contract with quality issues

This route, you’ll have a battle on your hands, but if you’ve signed a contract for 12+ months, we’d expect there will also be an SLA that the conference call service provider adheres to. What is a Service Level Agreement? It’s basically the level of service that the provider commits to, thus, if they continuously break these SLAs, it gives you good leverage for contesting the worthiness of the contract – log all issues, and bring each one to the attention to the conference call provider as soon as possible – then make sure you log how each issue was resolved, how it broke the SLA, etc.

Find a new provider – pass the buck

Literally, pass the buck. If you haven’t got SLA with current provider that you can complain about and break contractual agreements that was, then the only other way would be to buy your way our of the contract. Of course, paying off contract early as well as paying for new provider would be a kick in the teeth, but, this is where you can leverage your knowledge from current provider, i.e., if more expensive than you first thought due to additional minute usage outside of contracted minutes, go to new potential providers with your issue and be completely open to them, i.e., you are utilising ‘x’ number of minutes which is costing us ‘y’ – we’ll move to your superior, cheaper service right now, if you pay off our current contract. How possible is this? With some of the top providers, yes, this is absolutely possible due to how profitable conference call services can be. However, you should expect to sign a new contract for 12+ months, so this time, make sure you thoroughly test over an extended amount of time to ensure you’ve got the right one this time!

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