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Some people just LOVE a good old chinwag, but for the rest of us, that actually have work to do, we all need to learn the art of side stepping unnecessary conference calls!

Here are a few pointers to keep you on track:

  1. “Where’s the agenda?” – To ensure that peoples time isn’t wasted – the host must absolutely provide an agenda for the meeting. Not just a title heading for the meeting, but a break down of key points that need to be discussed. No agenda? No meeting. An agenda should be given out in sufficient time so that all attendees have time to prepare.
  2. Date and time – is this at a convenient time? Did the conference call host even ask for your availability? Here’s probably a good opportunity to side step the call.
  3. Tell the truth. If an agenda has been set, the date and time you can’t wiggle out of, maybe you should just tell the truth, “Look ‘X’, I really don’t think I need to be in this call for ‘X’, ‘Y’ & ‘Z’. Can I miss this one?

Conclusions: Conference call hosts, listen up! Be SELECTIVE when getting people on to a call, if you have too many, and they’re deemed unnecessary, people will get burnt out and start using every excuse under the sun to not attend.

Remember, there’s always an alternative to getting every man and his dog on the call – use a provider that allows you to record and share a conference call record once the call has finished. Not only will you make better notes, but the curious ones that don’t have time for a call, can easily and swiftly listen back to call at a later time.

Find a conference call provider that meets your businesses teleconferencing needs.