Conference call security. Is your provider taking it seriously?

Security isn’t an absolute, but like any technology, some are better at ensuring your calls are more secure than others. Sure, maybe you just hold menial planning reviews that even if the competition/general public could hear, it would make absolutely no difference. However, what about if you work in the legal or financial sector, or work for a large corporation where trade secrets slipping out of the business could be catastrophic?

If you use your conference call provider like this, you’re on the higher end of the risk scale:

  • Use a single conference call line and conference room ID
  • Sharing duplicate details with others
  • No conference room lock
  • No way of knowing how many, or who is on the call

If you hold sensitive conference calls, you need to start looking at utilising features such as:

  • One-use conference call details
  • Conference call details that are unique per attendee
  • Ability to lock conference call when all attendees are on call
  • Able to view via a dashboard how many and who is on call

Most of the top conference call will give you most, if not all these additional security features, but furthermore, you should look for providers that meet certain standards, such as ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 which are to do with security and handling data in a secure manner.

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