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A miracle happened – everyone… well, most joined the conference call on time. Now, to get things going, but wait, what’s that sound? Sounds like someone is eating Rice Krispies right next to their telephone mic. Urgh! Sounds familiar? If you’ve been on a few conference calls, there’s a good chance you’ve had some nuisance noises making your call unbearable – anything from crackling sounds, to poor audio making some attendees sound like they’re talking in robot voice, to the annoyance of someone tapping away frantically on a keyboard – there’s a few ways to get around these audio issues.

Problem Finding:

Pin pointing the audio interference. First things first, you’ll need to contain the nuisance noise, i.e., where is the disturbance coming from? There are a few ways to route this out. a) The easiest way of all is if your conference call provider offers a live call dashboard, which will highlight who’s currently talking/which attendee is causing the interruption. b) If your conference call provider doesn’t offer you a this solution, the best thing to then do is mute all attendees and then unmute each attendee 1 by 1 until you find the culprit. c) If you don’t have the ability to mute all, you’ll need to do things the old fashioned way. 1 by 1, ask each attendee to leave – it’s important to do 1 by 1 so that you can nail down which phone line is the issue.

Problem Solving:

Crackling disturbances. Usually, the quickest way to solve this is just asking the attendee to rejoin. Still an issue? It may be their phone line – ask them to join from a different phone.

Robot voice. As per aforementioned solution – simply rejoining the call should solve it, but if not, it could be that they’re joining via a poor internet (VoIP) connection -best to try a PSTN line or visa versa.

PEBCAK AKA Problem Exists Between Chair & Keyboard! If it’s someone that’s vigorously typing, or barking, background talking disturbance etc, then best to mute that individual while they’re not needed to verbally communicate.

Too much hassle?

A better way to solve these issues are to allow your conference call provider to deal with them – especially when it comes to PEBCAK issues. Find a provider that offers noise cancellation/background noise reduction as part of their services. Find a new service provider today.