Attendees not showing up to calls? Here’s how to improve that metric

There’s absolutely nothing worse than people not showing up for a conference call and this can be incredibly costly to those involved, on an individual basis, and the organisations bottom line, not to mention if those that are missing are key to the call.

Sometimes it can be their fault, and sometimes, it’s yours. Let’s explore the issues for no-show and see why 100% of the time, it’s something you can sort out:

  • Late due to getting PIN or dial-in number wrong
  • Losing dial-in details
  • Not not wanting to turn up for call

This one feature can help, dramatically; dial-out service:

Dubbed by some providers as “the conference call service that calls you”, this is a sure fire way of ensuring those that want to be on the call, will get on the call without any issues whatsoever. What does it do exactly? Instead of awaiting the arrival of attendees, wondering, and in complete hope, praying attendees will turn up, turn that hope in to non anxious routing by utilising prior planning and preparation and get all attendees to insert their phone number, be it desk phone or smartphone. Then, with a bit of black magic, all those attendees that gave their phone number will now be called at the exact time, and at the right time – the pre-designated time of the call.

But wait, it sounds like a lot of hassle, running around after attendees to get their phone numbers, right? Nope! It’s next to completely automated. For example, Meetupcall have connected their ‘easy invite’ feature with their dial-out service, so all you, as a host of PA need to do is send out a calendar invite to all attendees, the service will then pop out a personalised email invite to each attendee, with a large call to action to utilise to dial out service. Done!

Hang on – what about those that don’t want to turn up to the call?

Well, that’s because of you. Seriously, this is why your conference call sucks and people don’t want to turn up – sort it out.


For everyone else, find your new conference call provider today that utilises dial-out as an additional service and decrease your attendee no show percent today.